Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Week of Cloth

So far… so good! 

I’m really enjoying it more than I thought I would. Call me a dork but the research is fun as well. I’m learning a lot and so many moms have so many great ideas! Why the heck didn’t I do this before? Oh yea… because I didn’t really understand it.

I know that I’m new to this whole cloth diaper thing, but there are a few things I wanted to just put out there that have been good for me. Thought maybe I could pass on what I’ve learned even though most of you have been doing this much longer.

First, a lot of people asked me what diapers I went with. Cost was a huge thing for me so I couldn’t buy $500 worth of diapers because well, we just didn’t have the money to do that. So I didn’t go with the most popular brands such as BumGenius, GroVia or Rumparooz. So my friend told me about Sunbaby, which are made just like those top brands AIO’s (all in ones).

There were some great reviews and some not so great reviews, but it seemed like for what I wanted they were a great brand to start out with, without being such a hit to our bank. So I got them! And they have been great so far! I realize it’s only been a week and that I need to give them more time but for what I paid for them I think I’ll be ok. Plus, they have some great designs.

A Diaper Sprayer is a must! Oh my word. I would have quit by now without it. There is no need to really explain since this made the most dirty part of cloth diapering that much easier. Best thing they ever invented! LOVE.

Wipe Solutions. I thought this would be the hardest thing to do but I have found some good ideas for making wipes and good solution receipts. I just made this awesome one with essential oils. I kind of laughed at myself while I was making it because this was SO not me. If you want to try it… here it is!  The Lavender also makes for a good diaper pail sprayer.  :)
Last but not least, wet bags are a must! You can find them pretty cheap but they’re even better when you win them in a giveaway! That’s why I’m blogging about it! I found out on Sunday that I won a wet bag over at 5K & Chardonnay! Yay! So excited! What a way to start my first week off with cloth diapers. Winning something?! Totally awesome!

Hope your having a great week so far!


Noe said...

Great Post ;)Lyr!
I'm not a Mommy yet, but love to learn with you guys, I'm hoping that by the time I need to talk diapers I would be able to put all I've learned to practice.
I've also read a post on Cloth DiaperLand by: Genevieve. Thought of sharing it cuz you might also enjoy it:

Thanx to you girls for the great ideas :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

So glad its going so well! Who knows, maybe one day I'll cloth. :) And congrats on winning the giveaway!!

Megan Ashley said...

You are one brave Momma! I love Ian in his cloth diaper, so cute!!

Sarah said...

is there a wipe recipe for baby girls? or would it be the same just without the tea tree?

Natalie said...

So glad you are enjoying cloth! I have been doing cloth diapers since my boy was born but not the wipes. I just switched to cloth wipes and love it! I'm going to try this wipe solution! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going well! We did cloth for only 2 months, but I agree, that sprayer makes a world of a difference!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I'm so glad its going well! My mom did cloth diapers on me!

Kameron said...

I never did thecloth diaper thing because I thought it would be too hard with going abck to work. I should have given it a shot. My friend even found a daycare that was willing to cloth diaper, so if people are being held back by that they should ask! Oh, also there is a website I think it's called diaperswap.com or something like that where people buy and sell cloth diapers. You can get them for cheap!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you like cloth diapers! We use the same brand of diapers and we have never had a problem!

Anonymous said...

I have the sunbabys as well! They are smaller in size than the Alva baby diapers I told you about. But their great to have. We will be having our 2nd baby in sept and I plan to use the sun babys on the newborn. Good luck and keep trucking :) have you tried cloth wipes yet? I just switched to that, so easy. Put the solution in a spray bottle and go!

Anonymous said...

We use the Sun Babys too :) they are smaller in size than the Alva Babys

Brittany Ann said...

oooh! I want to try your wipe solution! I use a different one that we love (baby wash, water, olive oil, tea tree oil, and lavendar oil) but I'm kind of addicted and love the use of vinegar in yours!