Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Since I haven’t been writing that much recently, I’m going to take this “What I’m Loving Wednesday” back a few weeks to just catch you up on what I have been just loving lately. In the hustle and bustle of life, you sometimes forget all the things that are just so great. And there is no better time to remind myself of this than now.

I’m loving that I made it through July. YAY! It’s over! Had a few rough weeks in there, but was so blessed by so many of you guys and your sweet words and prayers. Even more so, I was blessed by my husband, who kept me grounded and kept reminding me how special I am and how happy he is to be married to me. That blessed the socks off of me!! Now… it is just smooth sailing into fall which will be a relief from all this heat! Right?!

I’m loving that cloth diapers are going so well for us. We are by no means perfect at what we are doing or have figured everything out when it comes to cloth diapers, but we are making it work for us and I’m so glad that I chose to try it. Need to still figure out how to get the bad diaper pail smell out of Ian’s room, but other than that…. it’s been pretty awesome. I have found some really awesome ideas from other mommies out there CD’ing, and I’m pretty darn happy with the diapers we went with. All in all, very happy with cloth diapers!

I’m loving that yesterday I got feather extensions! I’m super excited about them and the lady that did them secretly gave me one for free so that was SO AWESOME! Three little ones on the right and one fat green and black one on my left. I like them! I think they are cute. What do you think?!

I’m loving that the Senate finally got their butt in gear and finally came to an agreement on the debt situation (ok - somewhat came to an agreement). Ugh, so maybe I’m not loving anything about this stupid situation, but it was a way for me to add it somewhere in my blog since politics is never something I talk about. My WORD! These people are playing with people’s lives here! At least they came up with something that will hold us over for a little while. Was anyone else as annoyed with this as much as my husband and I were? We are just so appalled at both sides and all their political agendas. YUCK!

I’m loving The MOB society. Today is the last day to sign up for their bloghop… so if you are a mom of all boys… do it! SO AWESOME! I’m so thrilled that I found them and now can find a resource to speak into my boys lives. Again… highlight! YAY!
Mothers of Boys

I’m loving (going back to last week) that last Monday I got to spend an entire day with Jayden at Sesame Place. We had a blast!!! It was so wonderful to just be one-on-one with him - not worrying if Ian needed a nap, just giving Jayden my full attention. He loved it and told me multiple times that day how much fun he was having and what a good mommy I was. LOL… what kids will say when they are having fun, right?! Still, I was happy to have that time with my oldest little man. Best part of the whole day was that it started raining around 3… which ended up getting us two FREE tickets to come back! Needless to say, we’ll be doing that again!

Wanna know a secret? This year I’m actually loving the fact that my birthday is coming up. For those who know me, I am NOT a birthday person. I actually hate my birthday, because for some reason it reminds me that I’m getting old and I have expectations so high that even I can’t meet them! So to be excited for my birthday… is completely out of the ordinary. However, this is the last year of my 20’s and I kind of want to look at this year in a different light so I’m going to turn 29 positively. I’M planning an awesome girl’s night out next weekend and whoever can come will come and celebrate with me. I’m going to have fun, be with some awesome people and celebrate this awesome new year of my life! Positive!:)

I guess that is enough for now! Hope you all are having a great week!


very married said...

i'm an August bday too! Mine's on the 14th.

love the extensions!

Kelly said...

Cute things you are loving! The feather extension looks great, I haven't been daring enough to get any yet.
Cute pics with Elmo and Big Bird.
Have a great rest of your week!

Unknown said...

LOVE the Sesame Street pictures! They are sooo cute! HAppy Wednesday!

The Life of Susan said...

aww i love everything about this post. and the feathers look so good. i'm so jealous you had more guts to put in a big feather. i'm so doing that next time! lol!

the sesame place photos are so cute. and how awesome that you get to go back? sweet!

please send me the info for the girls night soon! i have to be there!

love you!!!!

Unknown said...

love the hair feathes! so cute. Sesame world sounds like fun :)

Lauren said...

Cute post! I'm hoping to get some feather extensions at my next appt in a few weeks! They are so cute!

Annie said...

My b-day is August 10...but I will be 31...eek!!

LOVE the feathers!!

Mrs. Kee said...

I'm loving this post! The Sesame Street pictures are so fun! I always loved one on one time with my parents.

Ashley said...

awww, you got feathers!! I keep seeing them. i am so late to the game!
And, glad you are liking cd'ing.
We had no smells ...until SUMMER. the heat makes them smell. I ended up getting a zipper wet bag for the pail so I can zip it up and hold the smell in.

Allie said...

I just got feathers too! Love yours!

Noe said...

Loved this Post!
and let me tell you a secret, I kind of have a special spot in my heart for people with Aug. Birthdays :).

Cool Extensions! Hoping this trends gets to South America in no time ;)

I'm not even a Mom, but being the oldest of 4 siblings and having a brother that's just 1 year and 5 days apart I can totally feel it for Jayden !

As For Celebrating the last of your 20's. I'm totally getting there next Feb' and as much as I normally hate my B-day I truthfully want a make it a good one as well. Maybe I'll get the guts to turn my life up side down and will follow your steps on celebrating it BIG TIME next year.


PrettyinPink said...

You have been busy! I can't wait to have kids so we can take them to Sesame Street. I went when I was little (like 20 years ago) and only remember a little bit. So fun!

Sarah D said...

Cute feathers! I've think they're cute and have debated getting some but I don't think they'd show up in my hair very well.

Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

Just now catching up. LOVE this post. I'm turning 29 too (in Oct). I've never hated my birthdays, but this one has me just a little freaked. lol. Where did the last 10 years go?? :) Anyways, glad to see you made it through July in one piece. Sesame looks like a LOT of fun!