I’m Lyryn and this handsome fellow next to me, is my husband Jesse.  We are your typical high school sweet hearts who grew up in the church, both very much loving the Lord. After dating for seven year, (what does every good Christians do so no one will think you are sleeping together out of wedlock?) we get marriage.  Unfortunately though in our first few years of marriage we became more of roommates than helpmates.    This would come back to bite us on the ass… wait, you’ll see.

Once we decided to have kids, that’s when the shit hit the fan.  You think you know it all until your bring a live human into the world to take care of.  (emoji palm in face)  It wasn’t our son that was the problem, it was just that our roommate status wasn’t working anymore.  It wasn’t conducive to being a stable partnership.  Both this guy and I spiraled into a depression that neither of us were aware of.  That turned into a betrayal of a life time. 

Yea- there was a time I didn’t think this marriage would last more than a month.  I was sad, lonely and just plain tired of the bull shit.  I was in so much pain my heart felt like it was going into cardiac arrest multiple times a day.  My life seemed quite hopeless, most family and friends didn’t support me and I thought I would never ever love this man again. 

Ten years later I can honestly tell you I am more in love with this dude than ever before.  He is my helpmate, my partner, my rock and my lover.  He is the best dad in the world to our four beautiful boys and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.  He affirms me and loves me and reminds me why he choose to stay and fight and he is the reason I can share our story today. 

You see our misery has now become our ministry and I’d love to tell you all about it…

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