Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend Getaway

I hear that when you leave your child for the very first time, it’s the most painful thing in the world. I’m also told all you want to do is get back home to be with your little guy as soon as possible. And supposedly, all you can think about is what your baby is doing, and dreams you could be there for every moment.

Wait… let me gather my thoughts for a moment…

WHAT? Are you crazy? Am I a terrible mother for not feeling that way? Sure, I missed him and I did call to check in more then I would have before he was born; but was it painful… No. And yeah, sometimes I would think to myself I wish Jesse and Jayden could see this place; but did I wish to get back home to cold Pennsylvania instead of being in be beautiful sunny Florida… I don’t think so. And yes, I did wondered if Jayden would forget who I was; and wonder to himself who this crazy lady was calling herself mommy when I got home; but did I wish that I was there for every moment while I was away… HECK FREAKING NO!

Why would I feel that way when I had the most amazing weekend ever! Susan invited me to go with her and her parents to this amazing golf and spa resort in south Florida. Dad Witmer was going down there for a Pelican conference and wanted to bring Mom Witmer and Susan. When Sue told me, I jokingly said you need to bring your best friend. We talked about it for a little while and then let it go. When she got home that night she asked her parents. Dad Wit said “Why not, she needs a vacation!’

We left early Friday morning and arrived in Miami around 1 in the afternoon. Got our rental car and headed to the Doral Resort We had lunch at the grill and then looked around a little. Then Dad Wit said that he would treat us to a spa day! We were thrilled! Dad and Mom Wit had a Pelican dinner to attend that night, so Susan and I decided that we were going to dress up and go to dinner. It was fabulous! It was one of those restaurants where the food is amazing and melts in your mouth, but the portions are so small you need to grab something on the way home so your stomach isn’t rumbling at 2 in the morning. Then we headed back to the room and as soon as we hit the pillows we were both out. It was only 9:30.

The Next day we hung out at the pool all day! It started out a little cloudy, but then the sun came out and stayed out. We stayed out for about 7 hours! Mom wasn’t feeling too well, so dad, Susan and I hit the road to explore Miami. He headed down to Miami Beach and drove toward South Beach. The traffic was so bad that we decided to just go back and eat the resort. Ate there, and then all went back to our room and again… fell asleep early!

Sunday was our spa day! We had our message appointment at 10 and facials at 12. We got there early so we got in the hot tub for a while and then laid out. Before our treatments we had to meet in this room that was decorated so cool! Then they started calling our names. I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to get a male masseuse. I should have asked for a women because I was right. I couldn’t even relax because all I could think of was; he’s going to see my wrinkly butt and what if my boob pop’s out. It was more stressful then relaxing! Then we laid out some more… I felt liberated when we laid out this time… I wonder why ???? ;) Then we had a facial, loved mine! And then ate! Then laid out some more!!

Anyway, this entry is getting to be too long. We had a really great weekend and it was great to get away with my best friend. I’m really lucky I have such a great husband that would let me go away while he takes care of the baby. Not only did he wake up with him and take care of him; he even managed to clean the house while I was gone. He sure is super dad! But I’m just waiting for the day where he turns to me and say’s remember that weekend I took care of Jayden while you had fun? I’m here to collect! That day will come, I’m sure of it!

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Jeremiah said...

I bet you billion dollars we had more manly fun than you did... lol I'm glad you had a good time. Love ya babe!