Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hand me another Lysol Wipe, Please

Friday afternoon, I could feel a little cold coming on. Nothing to horrible, it was just the sniffles and a little cough. It was nothing that a few sinus tablets and Lysol wipes wouldn’t take care of. There was no way I was going to admit that I wasn’t feeling well. I had the whole weekend a head of me. So being the intelligent person I am, I got a huge thing of Lysol wipes out and started to wipe down EVERYTHING! I figured, even if I am a little under the weather this would stop anything from hitting the rest of my family. I even took a wipe and ran it across my face. (I know, not one of my finest moments) I went over every surface in my house and even wiped down the outside of all the babies bottles. I know, a little OCD… but I did not want what was in this house 2 months ago. I can handle being sick, I just didn’t want Jayden to have it.

Saturday morning I felt just a little worse. I woke up to a tower of tissues by my bedside and cold medicine everywhere. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what happened that night because I was so out of it, but it looked like a bomb went off. As soon as I got out of bed I took my wipes that I had put right by my bed; cleaned up the mess and wiped down my side table, along with Jesses and then went into Jayden’s room and did the same to his crib and changing table! I know, I’m becoming more and more like my crazy husband! But again, all I could think, was my family can not get sick!! After a quick nap, I began to feel a lot better. Before we left for an evening out with friends I wiped down Jayden’s things and opened a window. I thought to myself certainly, this would get rid of any germs left in my home.

I could barely get out of bed Sunday morning. Everything hurt, my nose was like a faucet, my head was like a drum I even tripped over the wipes I had laying by my bed! I screamed at myself “This was not happening today, I am going to see Jon and Kate speak if it kills me!” It seemed like everything I did to keep this cold away; it was just making me sicker! As I walked back into the bedroom, I had began to throw myself a pity party and look for someone else to blame. As I walked into the sun filled room I looked at Jesse and Jayden in bed with big smiles on their faces just playing, being happy… and not having one symptom of a cold. I smiled, I was reminded that the only reason I went Lysol crazy to begin with, was for them. And it worked, both my boys are fine!

Even though it took a call to a doctor, and a prescription to be filled to get me feeling better, I can sit here and tell you it wasn’t all that bad. God knew my heart when I was going Lysol crazy. It was to protect my family, not so much myself. Yes, it would be nice to have nipped this in the butt and not gotten sick, but then if that wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t have been so aware of what God did for me Sunday morning.

What have I learned this weekend? Not only are Lysol wipes freaking awesome, but so is Gods protection. God is always protecting us, even when we miss it; and more often then not, we tend to miss it. Sometimes we need to be aware of the blessing he give us; even as small as keeping the ones you love from getting a cold. We can become so immune to his gifts and protection, so much so, that we can forget that he is the one doing it. I pray that I will become more aware of what he does for me each day, and that without him, I am nothing.


Susan said...

that was precious. i love your writing.

Kate said...

glad to have you back! haha ;-)