Monday, June 9, 2008

Too Long

I know, I have been gone for way to long and I feel so out of touch from the blogging world. Not only have I missed writing; I have felt a bit of sadness from not being able to express myself and write what's on my heart. I never thought I would feel this way about writing! Growing up, I would cringe at the thought of writing anything! My spelling sucks, and don't even ask me to check my grammar because even now I know there's comma's where there shouldn't even be comma's! My mom is the writer, not me. She writes with heart, soul, depth, humor and perfect punctuation! Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm terrible. I like to think I write with heart and soul, but unlike my mother, I lack self confidence in what I'm writing, find myself using run on sentences all the time, and use less than perfect punctuation. But I love it; and until someone shuts me down, or put another virus on my computer, I'm going to keep writing.

A lot has happened since I wrote last. My brother, Brent, moved in and is slowly making my attic smell like a teenage boy. Since he will be staying for a little while, he is making a bedroom for himself in our basement which will nicely turn into a playroom for Jayden when Brent moves out. While putting drywall up, he touched something in my breaker box that had quarter of my home unaccessible to electricity, this included the washer and dryer. Each day he assured me he would fix it. A day turned into two weeks and no clean underwear, so I had to call my daddy to the rescue. They worked on it all last Sunday and finally got it fixed! Brent is just to busy, and has too many things on his plate right now... not to mention a wedding in six months! One thing turned into another, and I think now, everything works fine. He keeps telling Jesse and I that he saved our lives; because if he didn't touch the breaker box and it didn't have to be fixed, then it would have ended up sparking, catching on fire and killing us all in our sleep! Yes, this was all said right before we went to sleep, thanks Brent! But all in all, he means well and the job was done.

We finally got our internet working again and electricity back into Jesse's office. So until my laptop is fixed, I'm stuck writing on my husbands computer. My sister was using my computer about two weeks ago and while using MySpace, she got a virus onto my laptop. Since everything is on my laptop, I kind of flipped out and thought my world was ending. But Jesse is slowly getting the virus off and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I'm sure there is so much more to write about, but Jayden's nap time is almost over and I need to get some things cleaned up. I still plan to write more on 1st Corinthians 13, but a lot of my writings are on my laptop, so until that's back up and running, your going to have to deal with hearing my day to day life stories.

Until later...

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Susan said...


i thought you were gonna write in here more?

if you don't have anything to write about you can always write about your awesome best friend. haha!