Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Crush

I have a Crush …

I guess you can say that this story starts way before five years ago or even before Jesse and I started dating eleven years ago. But today marks the day I made my covenant and said “I Do” to my best friend… the love of my life… my true soul mate. He is the ying to my yang and we complement one another so well. He is my extroverted side and I am his introverted side; he is my realist when I am his optimism. He was, and still is the man that holds my heart – the one I see myself growing old with. To this day he can still make my heart flutter, whether or not I like to admit it. I can say I still have the biggest crush on my husband.

Though life has thrown us some curve balls, I still believe in my heart that he is my one and only and that God has so much more planned for us in this journey – more than we can ever imagine. Through these five years we have had our ups and our downs. I believe that God is making both our marriage and each of us individually stronger through it. He is going to strengthen our marriage beyond what I can comprehend or ever dream of. I believe that God has a plan and a destiny for this Yacoe covenant! (As PB would say it)

Marriage is not perfect and it never will be. Marriage is a constant battle to die to self and love your spouse as Jesus loves us, his Bride. It’s about taking what you’ve got as an individual and letting God mold you into one. It’s about taking the good with the bad. Satan wants nothing more than to break the Godly covenant you have with your spouse. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy a marriage and he will do anything to make that a reality. I am standing up today, after five years of marriage to state that you (Satan) have no control over my marriage and never will again! You can not have me or my husband because we are one under our heavenly Father.

I meant what I said five years ago! I said that I would love and honor Jesse with all of my heart; that I would live my life first unto God and then unto my husband. I said that I would pray for him daily and support him with all that I am. I said that I would speak life into him and encourage him and our marriage. I promised to share the joys in life with him, but also to share the hard and broken times. I promised that I would hold his heart and never let go or betray that. I said that I would do all of this for better or worse. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things I have failed at since that day. But I have such an amazing and gracious God who died for that very reason. This allows me to wash that away and start new each morning.

You many not realize it, but everyone who is in a marriage is fighting this battle on a daily basis. Every day there is something else Satan can do to take your eyes off your covenant - even the littlest things. Marriage is such an amazing gift from God, don’t let Satan take that away from you. Until the day I die I will be fighting for my marriage, for better or for worse, no matter what happens… because God has brought us together and I will let NO man put us asunder.

Today, I pray for new life in my marriage. I pray that as 2008 comes to an end, there is something better to come in 2009. I pray for more joy in my marriage and in others. I pray that I will no longer take advantage of my husband, and that I will appreciate him for who he is and who God has made him to be. I pray for restoration, forgiveness and freedom. I pray this into the lives of other couples too. I thank you God and give you all the glory for all you have done and what you have shown me. I surrender my marriage to you and ask that you put a hedge of protection over us. You are the beginning and the end… and not only do Jesse and I rejoice on our anniversary but you do as well because we are under you. Thank you for your joy that comes in the morning. Thank you for family and friends who support and speak life into my marriage. I pray that you will give revelation to those who don’t. My life and marriage are yours God, and I trust that you will guide me through.

Happy Anniversary My Crush - I love you.

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Susan said...

lyryn, this is beautiful! i'm so proud of you and what you wrote. keep speaking that life into your marriage! :)

so glad i got to stand next to you on your big day.

love you!