Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Crans and My Fab Foto's

This past Thursday I had so much fun taking pictures of the Crans girls. I had a little contest on my facebook offering to take free pictures and this family was one of the families I picked. They are also sweet friends from church.

When I arrived, I met three quiet little girls… but it only took them a second to warm up to me, and when they did, their craziness came out along with their beautiful sense of humor. Every picture I took, I had to laugh. These girls are models and I must say that mommy and daddy Crans better watch out because these amazing little girls will soon become teenagers! Oh, when that day comes!

I must say that it was a joy to spend the afternoon with them. I have posted a lot of pictures on my photography blog, but I wanted to post my two favorite on here as my Fab Foto’s of the week.

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