Thursday, April 23, 2009

Breaking Through

Believing I can make it, even when there feels like no hope
Relying on the Father, even though I felt so alone
Enjoying the little blessing, even when I wanted to cry
Acknowledging there must be change in me, even when I felt I did nothing wrong
Kneeling daily at the foot of the cross, even when I didn't have the strength
Igniting new passions that I never knew I had
Never stopped loving, even when I felt there was no more love to give
Giving glory to God, when he would point me in the all the right directions

Talking to my God, even when I wanted to scream
Holding on tightly to my daddy's hand, even when I wanted leave and never come back
Realizing how Jesus speaks to me, even though I didn't want to listen
Obliterating all the lies in my life, even though I have believed them for so long
Uncovering what has been holding me back, even though I feel safe in that place
Giving all of me, when I wanted to be so selfish
Hoping for brighter days, even during the most terrible times of my life

That my friends, is me Breaking Through …


Katie said...

that's good stuff right there, little lady.

Susan said...

absolutely brilliant! and beautiful! i'm so proud of you. you have such a way with words... it's awesome!!!

Kristin Williams Balla said...

You're my hero. Keep on truckin. God has such good plans!