Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jon and Kate

This Jon and Kate “crisis” has gotten the best of me. I have never in my life gotten so emotional about a celebrity scandal! I mean, it was pretty terrible when Brad and Jennifer broke up, but I didn’t feel so drawn in by it or emotional sadness because of it. My heart is literally breaking for them! I find myself getting emotional when I read something about it or when I talk about it with my sister. I don’t even know these people, other than what I have watched on TV. What is my deal?!?!

After talking it over with Kate and her affirming that I wasn’t crazy; I started taking this emotion to the Lord and asking what He wanted me to do with this burden. I realized more and more why this burden was on me and that God had been nudging me to pray hard for their marriage. Their marriage and family have come under attack and they need more prayer than ever before. Not only is this family in the public eye, they have claimed to be born-again Christians on National television. In my opinion… the enemy wants to take them out and take them out FAST! (I could go on forever about that subject and Christian marriages, but I’ll leave that for another blog post)

I also feel the burden has been stronger in a way for me because of similar circumstances that happened not so long ago to my family. It reminds me of pain and hurt I felt. It was hard enough then, I could never imagine going through it on national television. My heart breaks at the demise of a covenant that once meant so much. Remembering all too well, how easy it is to get to that place where both Jon and Kate are now. I want nothing more than to be given the opportunity to not judge them, but explain to them how important their covenant truly is. I would love to say….

Jon… Kate, your marriage is worth saving! Show America that they’re wrong and that your covenant is important; not only to you, but to God. Show them how a loving and faithful GOD can not only restore a marriage, but restore families, and bring new LIFE to something that was so close to death. Show them that the God you serve is worth being glorified as he teaches you how to heal your marriage and how to be a better wife and better husband to one another. Don’t believe the lies that have been told and don’t let all you’ve worked for destroy the family you love and prayed so hard for! Speak out to the heavens that your marriage is WORTH IT and your covenant is sacred!!! Please, don't give up. God can take what has been broken and if you just give him the chance he WILL restore that covenant again. Not only do I have faith that He can do that, I'm a testimony to it! Mark 10:9 says: “What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." Are you going to let our culture and the media destroy your heavenly covenant?

You have a battle ahead of you and I know that you are both capable of coming out of this in victory. At times it will be hard and you won’t want to try anymore; but I encourage you to seek God daily, be on your face before God and be in the Word constantly. Surround yourself with worship 24/7, pray with your kids and have them start praying for the destiny of your family as a whole. (That means Mommy, Daddy, and 8 beautiful children.) Don’t let our culture get the best of you. Don’t become one of those couples that let a “when times get hard, get the hell out of there” mentality set in. You’re only running from the blessings God has promised you.

Think of the TESTIMONY you have and will have! Think about how you will be able to speak into so many Christian marriages and non-Christian marriages, telling them that you guys did it even in the craziness of the media spot light; even when everyone said you wouldn’t make it. Show them that you’re not just another Hollywood statistic; not just another Hollywood marriage flop! I can only wish that I had more of an opportunity to share my testimony with others, sharing the amazing forgiveness and unfailing love of the Father.

So as you can see, along with praying for Jon and Kate’s marriage daily, I have also been compelled to write a letter to them. It might sound crazy and pointless to a few, but in the letter I shared my heart and my testimony. I don’t expect anything from it. But I do believe that my God can make anything happen! So who knows, if they never have a chance to read it… I got it off my chest and if they do come across it, all I can say is that I hope it makes them think and in some way they will be blessed by it.

It’s all in your hands now, God!


Katie said...

There's something over in my blog for you :)

Renee and Brandon said...

awesome......just awesome!!! I hope they can read that!

LucieP said...

aw it's so true.
I would hate to be in that position in my relationship and then also to have it out in the open in front of everyone!!

You have such a tender heart!

Jessica said...

That is so sweet of you! Also thanks for the picture comment. That one was my favorite too!

Meredith said...

I think that's a great idea--I don't watch the show, but caught a minute of it while flipping through channels last night, and they were discussing how they try to read EVERY letter that fans write to them!

Stephanie said...

I thought about sending them the Love Dare book. It is such a life-changing, marriage-saving book it would be a shame if they didn't know anything about it. I appreciate your comment on my Love Dare blog and really hope you get a chance to pick up the book and do it. It is worth every second.

Rachel and Adam said...

I just stumbled upon your blog from Kelly's Korner blog and saw this post. You took the words right out of my mouth. Why our media wants to take this family down I can't quite figure out, but my heart aches for all of them. I have been praying for them and am glad I am not the only one. Thanks for putting this out there.