Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kasey!

Kasey my love… today is your birthday and I want to tell you how special you are!

I thought of rewriting a song that we both like… but the only one that could come to mind was the “So you think you can Dance” theme song. (Not good) So… I’ll do my best to just write a short little poem to let you know how much you mean to me. (Be aware… this will be corny!)

Tender words of wisdom, abundant hugs of grace
There is a spark inside you, a spark that can’t replace
A heart so big a loving, I never would have known
A friendship so endearing, a bond had just been sown

Dreaming of the future, not looking at the past
You have this way about you that breaks the mold, at last
My fear is very little, I trust you with my heart
You know just how to talk to me so I never fall apart

Thursday is our day, to catch up from the week
Talking, laughing, sharing; and wedding talk so chic
Starring at the T.V; watching dancers in a trance
Thursday night excitement, who the best on “So do you think you can Dance?”

The time we’ve spent together, you’ve been a blessing from above
A friend I know I can lean on, a friendship filled with love
A sister not by blood, but a sister of the heart
There is something special about you; I knew it from the start.

Love you! xoxox


Kasey said...

Lyr, thank you so much for your carefully crafted words. They share a glimpse of this friendship I treasure so deeply.

love you babe!

RCaitlin said...

Hey! I left you a blog award on my page :). Happy Birthday Kasey!

morgan823 said...

Thank you!! If you had checked my blog any yesterday before my official post you might have seen several backgrounds. That was my first attempt to change it since I started blogging. Hopefully I'll get better but yes I have to screw it up first as well! LOL!