Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here’s another “Not Me! Monday” started by Mckmama. Here goes, because this weeks a doosie.

  • I most certainly HAVE NOT been keeping a list of "Not Me's" for the past two weeks so I wouldn’t forget all the things I haven’t done; and then realize that I have way to many for this week and just throw them out.
  • I did not try to kick the door down yesterday. Hum….
  • I did not get upset with my sister this weekend at all. It wasn’t hurt that I thought she was ignoring my last text message and then got even more pissed off about it when I saw her. THEN like an idiot, I just REALIZED TODAY that she wasn’t ignoring my last message at all because she never GOT the last text message! It was never sent and is still in my OUTBOX on my phone!!!! No… I would never do that, I’m just too mature for that! (Oh man… I’m going to get in trouble for that one; I need to think of a good way “not” to apologize!!!)
  • I did not procrastinate on typing up my meeting notes for today’s meeting at Isaac’s because I just didn’t want to do it this weekend. That would just be incredibly irresponsible of me, I would never do that!
  • I in no way have been an emotional mess this weekend and wanting at times to “commit” myself to a mental institution for a few days. I’m just too put together to ever want to do that and I would also never spend 45 minutes crying in the shower.
  • I most certainly have not been dealing with jealously issues what-so-ever and been trying to get to the root of it!

Was this supposed to make me feel better?? Because I’m not sure it did; it made me feel like a complete retard this week! I really wish these hadn’t been me this week.


...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Haha, number #2 made me laugh!

Katie said...

hahaha...are you talking about me with the text message thing?!? Because now this makes SO MUCH SENSE! I wondered why you got over things so quickly when I saw you yesterday. love you

LucieP said...

step 1 is to bring your issues to the surface

step 2 is to read others and feel better about yourself because everyone else is crazy too

step 3 is to have a drink...if you don't drink, chocolate is good too!

I have been having some jealousness lately too...hormones?!

Kelly said...

I keep mental lists of Not Me! moments too. And unfortunately I procrastinate too. Luckily I still graduated even if I did have to pull all nighters

Broken said...

Well, at least I'm not the only one wanting to commit myself. Maybe we'll just sign in together and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while! ha.

I understand you saying you could comment forever because you feel you can relate. I feel the same way, really.

Sarah said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog - I was so pumped to wear my new sandals on Monday and nobody said a word (but I did have a "safe" pair in my bag just in case) And I'm surprised I haven't cried in the shower for 45 minutes lately, my work is going through major layoffs and it is so stressful, I just want to cry for everyone losing their jobs and hope my husband and I aren't impacted. Hope things get better for you!