Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have You Seen Me?!

When I’m on the road, people know! As people pass me, they tend to look into my window with a confused looked on their face wondering who that woman is. Some people honk; some people wave; then there’s other people who will text me out of nowhere; there's also a hand full of people who just facebook me, letting me know they passed me or I passed them.

Why such popularity on the road, you ask? I know what most of you are thinking… and no, it’s not because I’m a terrible driver, although my husband would probably tell you otherwise. It’s because of my crazy awesome license plate that lets you know that I'm driving! I mean… lets face it… have you ever heard the name Lyryn? I’m quite certain that there aren’t many Lyryns in this world and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any in Pennsylvania! (Feel free to challenge me on that)

In the past week I have been told by three different people (all from high school) that they either passed me or I passed them while driving. It’s funny… because they start by telling me that they weren’t sure that it was me, but saw the license plate and again, what other Lyryn do you know? You can’t see, but I’m rolling my eyes, people!

Side Note Comment: Have you ever heard the name Lyryn before?! My whole life I was challenged by other people that they knew Lyryns; but could never get me in contact with them. I never liked my name… but I always took pride in the fact that I was pretty much the only one. In all my research, I pretty much have come to the conclusion that name is quite unique.

I dare you… go ahead, Google my name. The only person you will find other than an anime character and a girl on facebook (whose birth name WAS NOT LYRYN) is ME! :) I mean, with a name like Lyryn (I bet you can’t even pronounce it and if you're now wondering it's Lear-in) I deserve to have some type of bragging rights, don’t I?! Look I don’t doubt that there aren’t any out there, but if you do know another Lyryn I would love to know how they got their name!

Anyway, I know that most of you who read this blog aren’t even in PA and will probably never see me on the road. However, if you are driving down 95 on August 15th anywhere between PA and North Carolina and see a red jeep with a license plate that says LYRYN feel free to honk, wave or if you feel so led you can give me one of those funny little stares because you will have passed the only “Lyryn”, the only one I know of at least! ;)


Lauren said...

Ha ha! I would certainly be proud of such a unique fun name! I think my parents thought they were being unique with Lauren...too bad everyone else with a daughter born in the early 80s also thought the same thing!

Katie said...

cute entry ;)

we got those plates SOOOO long ago! thats back when I had Krazy k8 and oh boy, I felt like I got pulled over ALL THE TIME. Then I became a teacher and thought, "hmm..I should retire this" it sits in our basement.


renee said...

you're the only lyryn i know...and i've been pronouncing your name wrong the whole time i've been reading your blog. i'm glad to know the truth!!! :) actually, i think lyryn is a gorgeous name!
i don't know many renee''s more of a middle name. i think i've met 4 or 5 renee's my whole life...and they've all annoyed me. hope that doesn't mean i'm annoying as well and not aware of it. haha!
enjoyed the post! delight in your originality!!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by. Cute blog too. Cant wait to read more. I added myself as a follower!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great story! My name is Alyssa and growing up there weren't too many of us out there but now its a very popular name for younger kids. Personalized plates are the best! Thanks for stopping by my blog and now if I ever see your Jeep-I'll honk!

Jessica said...

I think your name is beautiful and unique! If I'm ever out your way and pass you, expect a honk! lol

Jessica said...

I think your name is beautiful and unique! If I'm ever out your way and pass you, expect a honk! lol

MissJody said...

I love your name!:)
If I could change my name....I wouldn't. I wouldn't know what to chnage it to..

But that is funny! People call you??? Well, one way to get back in contact w/ ol' friends :)

kace said...

I love your name! Different names are my favorite... mine is Kendra (so not real popular) and thats why I picked Krew

Jorden and Kristin said...

i just came across your blog and i love it! and i LOVE your name! Im a huge fan of different and unique names. I always loved that my name is spelled with an "i" instead of an "e" and it wasnt until I was in 6th grade that I met someone spelled the same!

anyway def adding you to my reader and lurking! :)

Mrs Bee said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
I've always wanted a personalized number plate, Over here in Australia we can customize ours and have cartoon characters, different colours and styles anyway, A couple months ago I saw my ultimate- It said SASS with betty boop on it.
Jealous now, as I'll never have it now! :)

Kristin Williams Balla said...

To allwho commented on Lyryn's name - I'm the mom who made it up! I liked the name "Lauren" but wanted it to be more different. My family has a lot of Welsh names (Brother Bryn and Rhys, Uncle Aylwyn, Aunt Onwyl, and my Dad - Dafydd (which is David in Welsh). I decided to take Lauren and make it Welsh sounding. Hence.... Lyryn! My pediatrician told me I was "cruel" to name her that. I think it is beautiful and I have always thought that it suits her.

Alicia said...

I love that your name is unique. It is so hard to find a name that someone will love and is unique. As a child I can understand that you want to mesh with the crowd and have a common name, but doesn't it feel great now to be so proud of it. Your momma did a great job!

Erin said...

Well I don't think I will ever pass you on the road but I would honk and wave if I did :)

Renae said...

Renae isn't the most common name, but I have definitely met my fair share...but no one spells it the way I do, and I take pride in that! :-)

I just noticed that there is one who commented close to the top!