Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Remember the Days

Remember the days when we were only eighteen
Driving around in my nasty gas machine
Skipping school just to have lunch
I really didn’t care, grades didn’t matter that much

Your dad always asking where is your coat
Pointing back at my car saying it’s somewhere in that boat.
Working with my best friend, what more could I ask
It was like not working at all, not even a task!

Remember the days that we would dream of dance
Seeing the images in our head, even just for a glance
In every piece of music we would see the same thing
Moves that would bring glory and praise to our King

Talking all night about our hopes and dreams
Where did the time go, too fast it does seem
You stood by me faithfully when I said “I do”
Such a wonderful maid of honor, so beautiful were you.

Remembering those days are so deep in my mind
I never want to leave those memories behind
Going to dinner, laughing out loud
There’s nothing like those girls night out, you make me so proud

I can’t believe eight years have come and gone so fast
It’s been totally amazing and you’ve made it a blast
Thank you for your friendship, love and grace
Remember you’ll always be loved in this place

1 comment:

Susan said...

that was beautiful. you just made me laugh and cry all in the same breath. i love you so much.