Thursday, February 21, 2008

Change…Change is Good!

Sometimes it’s still hard to think that it’s not just me and Jesse anymore. Most people don’t understand the drastic change that will hit them once that beautiful bundle of joy comes into the world. Things go from one extreme to another… like, no more staying out past 9pm, it’s more like “If were not home by 9 o’clock to get the baby down for bed were so not getting sleep tonight.” If you’re a lover of sleep, kiss those days goodbye, now it’s more like “Are you going to take the 2am shift… or the 5:30am shift.” Or if you’re anything like Jess and I, we love eating out every Friday night and then going to a late movie. Unless you are rich and have money to pay for a babysitter every weekend your Friday night become more like …“This is why we have that massive DVD collection and thank God for the pizza villa right down the street.” I think it should be mandatory for all new parents to take a class on – How my life is going to change / What the heck did we get ourselves into. But, even that probably won’t help you much.

Ok… so I might be playing it up just a little. J Yea, we don’t get to stay out late… we don’t get much sleep, and we can’t go to every new movie release on the day it comes out. But, we have this amazing little boy who makes us laugh so hard. Everyday there is something new to learn about him and something he learns about himself. Like, how much he loves his own reflection.
(Just like his Aunt Katie… OMG, I’m so going to get killed for that one) or… how he just started to giggle, but only about 4 giggle will come out before they turn into a giggle/cry. And how he reaches for everything, but just can’t figure out how to grasp it. It’s all worth the change! This little person will someday become someone great and all of this will be worth it!! For now I’m sticking with just one… but again, it’s all worth it!

Just look at that face… tell me he's not worth it!

Anyway, life sure did change but in my opinion it changed for the better. Time will come again where Jesse and I will have our freedoms back, but I don’t want that to come to fast. For now, I’m just living each day as they come and hope to become a better mom from each experience.

Dude - But Jesse and I still have time to watch our LOST!!!


Kate said...

Okay, that was so very mean!! Especially after you write this sweet post about sue...thats what I get?! What the crap. Whatever, you butt. Also, if I recall you said your life was NOT going to change much when you had a you have to rush home at night...bye bye late nights for lyryn.

the o'malley clan said...

I am honored to be a part of your blog roll. Us "mom-types" have to stick together... and I do remember your beautiful wedding. Christmas time, a private moment for the bride and groom before the ceremony in the sanctuary lit with lanterns down the aisle, a flashback photograph of a little girl catching sunshine in her hands.... and a yorkie (if I remember correctly). Hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing your day to days on your blog. Love, Missy

PS. This is your wedding right, or have I totally embarrassed myself. LOL!?