Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Southwest Surprise

I swore that Brent would be the one that didn’t get married until he was 30. Or, was that just me hoping he wouldn’t? With all of Brent’s past girl friends, I must admit, I didn’t have high hopes for the girls he brought home for us to meet. But I can say confidently, that Tara is different from all the other girls!

Brent doesn’t change when he is around her; he is himself through and through and so is she. She believes in him no matter what, even if the rest of his family thinks he’s crazy. She is patient and understands him when no one else can. They can laugh about anything, even when they are worried about everything. She is his strength and he is her constant. My favorite thing is that she reads to him! God has put two amazing people together!

I was honored to participate and photograph the engagement of Brent and Tara. Instead of writing about it, I’m going to do what I do best and show you…

It was a wonderful night! It might have gone later then expected, but it was well worth the wait. I’m happy to welcome Tara into our family! We love her and can’t wait to call her sister!
***There are tons more pictures, but I haven't gotten around to editing them. I will put more up later!***


Kate said...

the pictures are amazing!!!! you are good, lyryn!

Hadassah said...

Those are great Lyr... I almost cried when I read your moms post about it all. I'm so excited! I wish I could have been there, cos I miss you guys so much. I miss my family like crazy.

I'm sorry I've been a bad cousin/friend... I've been so busy doing what I'm "supposed to do", that I've neglected others in the process. I'm serious when I say that I want that to change. I'm looking forward to Sunday though... That'll be good.
I love you.

Kristin Williams Balla said...

These pictures are great honey! I put a message on my blog to direct people to your blog so they can see the pictures too. Thanks for doing this!

Susan said...

great job lyryn! you're so talented. one of these days you gotta teach me some of it. :)

love you!

Rhiana said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!