Monday, August 18, 2008

My Birthday (Weekend)

Well I must admit, I did have a pretty good birthday. My friends and family really, truly out did themselves this year. They made me feel so loves, and in such a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I must say, I am BLESSED!

I started my birthday by coming into work with my office decorated by my good friend Kim, follow up with my husband bring me fresh picked flowers from his parents garden. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. But they were beautiful! Then Kasey had backed me a cake and brought it in. It tasted like marshmallows. After all of that, and getting no work done, my lovely sister came in with fresh baked cookies and reminded me that she always rights me a poem for my birthday. This year she wrote it on her blog, it was so sweet… I think I even cried. After ALL that, my day was shot...

That evening my best friend, sister, soon to be sister and (can say how we are related in less than 5 ways, therefore we’re sister) sister gave me a small dinner party. It was AWESOME. Just the girls and I sitting around talking, laughing and just being us! We all had such a blast.

Saturday, Jesse took me out. He took me to Panara Bread for lunch and then we went to see a Mama Mia. I know that it sounds like a lame way to take your wife out for her birthday, but I loved it. It was simple, and he really thought about it. My favorite place to eat and a chick flick… you have no idea what that means to me!

Sunday, Jesse and Jeremiah threw me a birthday party. It was wonderful; I got to show off my newly landscaped backyard, thanks to Brent! And everyone who was important to me was there. I was a wonderful gathering.

I know that I could write a whole lot more on this, but I’m not feeling to well right now, so I am just going to show you some picture that were taken Friday night. My two favorite pictures is the first one (that Susan took-awesome job, babe) and the second one. I took that one! I didn’t realize how nice it was until Sue put it on her facebook. Ok, well I hope you enjoy…

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Kate said...

What a good weekend it was!!