Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day

Scraping Snow off your car in heels … Poor judgment call when getting dressed this morning.

Realizing you’re not in 4wheel drive after almost running off the road … Not use to having 4wheel drive.

Trying to figure out why PennDot doesn’t have plows on the road yet … Thank you PennDot.

Taking the back way home when you know the roads haven’t been touched … Blond moment!

Almost getting slammed, head on, by an out-of-control SUV … Probable someone else that doesn’t realized they aren’t in 4 while drive

Screaming kid in the back seat making the “cracker, more, please, and milk” signs … A confused little boy.

Falling on my butt in the snow because of those heels … Again, poor dressing judgment.

Trying to find Jayden’s mittens to go play in the snow… Gives up, daddy’s socks will do.

Spending 20 minutes looking for a shovel to shovel the walk … Still can’t find the dang shovel

Seeing Jayden’s face while he plays in the snow… priceless!


Katie said...

cute :-)

Katie said...

Bennett wore socks on his hands yesterday too! You gotta do what you gotta do!