Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Way to a Wife's Heart

God has a way of speaking to a husband’s heart when the wife is having a bad day.

For me, Friday was a hard day. I was crying off and on constantly and just couldn't get myself back up on my feet. Jesse was working late and before he came home he checked my FB status and saw that I was sad and decided that he would bring home good old DQ Blizzards. My favorite! Not only did he surprise me with ice cream, but early that day when he was taking a shower he took our son's foam letters and wrote a message for me on our bathroom wall saying "I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL." And that was done before he knew my FB status! Boy, did my spirit change! I felt loved, affirmed, and it made me feel so good to know that my husband was thinking about me. I was so blessed!

Ice cream and bathroom messages... that's the way to a wife's heart, alright!

God always knows what you'll need and when you'll need it most. I like to think that God instilled that "provision" gene into most men/husbands. What an amazing character trait for your husband to have. Thank you love, for making my night! You blessed me more than you'll ever know.



Katie said...

those are both really nice gestures :)

Rhiana said...

aww...that's so sweet! :)

Keshet said...

What creative ways to show you he cares! I'm impressed.

Kait said...

What a sweet and creative way for him to let you know he loves you! And who doesn't love a little DQ ice cream? :)