Monday, August 10, 2009

My First Giveaway For Invest Love, Invest Hope


A few posts back I told you about my friend Angie and her husband Clint who have started the long process of adopting a little girl from China. At this point they are only collecting to start their home study, but I know there are going to be many more expenses to come. They are still in need of $500 for their home study, but if we can bring in more that would just lovely!

Since then I have collaborated with the talented Angie Weldon (who has her own Etsy store) to think of more ways to encourage people to donate to this wonderful cause! With much deliberation, thought and excitement we have decided to have yet ANOTHER giveaway!!!! However, this time it will be hosted by yours truly!

If you already donated last week for a chance to win the Wii, from ANGIE’S giveaway, but want some of the things that I’m offering this time around; you’ll just have to donate again! We’re raising money people!!! :) Ok, so get ready… I have tons to giveaway and tons of ways for you to win, so pay attention!

Giveaway Prizes…
These prizes are amazing! If I could win this giveaway I would certainly do my best to try! But if you don’t win there is still a place you can go and purchase these awesome finds… I wanted some of this stuff so bad I asked Angie how I could win this stuff! Unfortunately I can’t, but you certainly can!

A coordinated set of 2 burp cloths, 1 bibs, and a quilt made by the talented Angie Weldon @ Foster Kade Designs
(winner gets to choose custom fabric)
Minimum donation required $5

A gift Certificate to Bonefish Gill, which can also be used at Outback and Carrabba's. Bonefish is my favorite!!!
Minimum donation required $5

Carry All Bag, Purse, Hobo, Diaper Bag, Tote - Size MEDIUM
Made by the talented Angie Weldon @ Foster Kade Designs
(winner gets to choose custom fabric)
Minimum donation required $2

An Awesome ITunes Gift Card!
Minimum donation required $2

A nursing cover with 2 coordinating burp cloths.
(winner gets to choose custom fabric)
Made by the talented Angie Weldon @ Foster Kade Designs
Minimum donation required $2

Regal Movie Tickets - Think of it as a date night!
Minimum donation required $5

Hobo Bag, Carry All, XL Size - Fit everything but the kitchen also made by the talented Angie Weldon @ Foster Kade Designs
(winner gets to choose custom fabric)
Must Donate at least $5

Want In?!?! Here’s how…
  1. Donate to Angie and Clint’s adoption fund. Click on the ChipIn Link below and donate at least $2.00 (or if there is an amount cap on the prize you wish to win then donate that amount) to be entered into the contest.
  2. Want to double your chances of winning? After you have donated the first time you can do any of the following below to increase your chances.
  • Donate multiple times
  • Post a link on your blog about this Giveaway
  • Post a link on your facebook about this giveaway
  • Get a friend to donate to this cause
  1. Make sure to post a comment letting me know you have donated and for how many entries. If you have increased your chances to win by also participating in #2, leave a comment about what you did (If you posted a link or told a friend give me that information, so that I can validate it).
  2. Don’t forget to tell me which prize you are trying to go for! I wouldn’t want someone getting something they don’t want or can’t use.
  3. You have two weeks; the giveaway will end on August 24th. A winner will then be announced on August 31st.

Thank you all for participating and Good luck!


PaigeR530 said...

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sweet compliment on my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy it! Your son is PRECIOUS!

caraschufa said...

okay here goes...$5 for the baby set, $5 for the bonefish gift card, $2 for the carry all bag. So that would be a total of $12. What an awesome cause, for an awesome family. So excited to see them walk this journey and to be a part of it in some small way :)

Stephanie said...

Just stopping by to say hey and thanks for visiting my blog! I love to make new blog friends too!!! And your blog is super cute.

BTW: great post. I have 3 friends who are right now going through the process of adopting from China. Really my friend Joy - who I have known my whole life and is like a big sister to me - has introduced me to a number of people. Joy has been waiting 3 years, but as of last month's referals she is only 7 days away!!! Hoping that we see a picture of a precious China doll this month or next month. COME ON CHINA! The wait is so long and hard, but I know God blesses those who do it.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Thanks for finding my blog so I can find yours! I enjoy your passion for some many things and I will continue to read it :) I will be back with another comment to donate money to enter your giveaway...I am excited!

In this wonderful life... said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! :) I'm glad you came across my blog because now I have found yours too! What a great giveaway for a great cause! I will be donating soon! :)

morgan823 said...

I got your comment, thank you, we are so glad she's done so well! Honestly if I hadn't been pregnant I probably would have left her in her crib till she was 3, lol! That was my original plan. I think whenever you are ready then do it. If it's not now, he'll never know! :) She's definitely waking up earlier in the morning with her new freedom!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! I'm so glad to hear you like my blog! I haven't had a chance to go through yours yet, but I look forward to doing that here in a minute to further postpone any actual work. :)

By the way, your son is adorable!

Alicia said...

What an awesome giveaway! I'll have to come back later today when I have more time to choose!!!

Sonja said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)
I love your blog and especially this post! What a great cause!

XO <3

Katie said...

I already gave a hefty amount on Angies blog! Had I would have known about all this I could have saved it to be entered a bajillion times in these giveaways! I've already said I want her entire line of baby items (when the time comes)...seriously...I'm gonna have to ask her if I can "register" through Foster Kade Designs...haha...

Katie said...

new look?! ohhh I've always loved my headbands ;) you know that!

PaigeR530 said...

I love the Hobo Carry Bag, and I made a post with a link in my blog this morning. I love that you are doing this-I know that I have no idea who you are outside the bloggy world, but this tugged at my heart. I'm praying for your friends that the adoption process will be a huge success.

Jorden and Kristin said...

So Jorden and I have been praying and we decided that we need to make a donation for this couple because we want children and if we can't have our own we'll be adopting for sure. So, we donated $20. Anything but the bonefish card for us since we don't really eat at either of those places! :)

I posted a link on my facebook, but I dont share my facebook with blog world since it has all my real life info! :(

I'm going to blog about it tomorrow when I announce our giveaway winner!

R. Wallis @ TrueBeauty said...

$5.00 on the Hobo Bag :)

Melissa said...

I'll be back to look at this closer! I'd like to help out!
Right now i need to get my boys to bed.

Melissa said...

I donated the required amount for all of the items. (does that mean seven entries?) I think they are all great and I would use or gift any of them.
Some of my favorites though are the carry all/diaper bag, the itunes gift card and the nursing cover. Oh and the movie card!
I'm really excited about this! It's going to be hard to wait until Aug. 31st for the winning announcement! =)

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