Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Love You Because…

I believe that Valentine’s Day is not just a day for you and your special sweet heart. I believe that it’s a day to celebrate all the people in your life that you love and a good opportunity to let them know how much you really care about them.

For me, each special person in my life has shown me a different way to love and to be loved. Each person in my life is a gift and I see that there is no better time then on Valentine’s Day to tell them how I feel…

Jesse – You are my love, my life long sweetheart. You have taught me how to fall in love all over again and have encouraged me to be the woman, wife and mother God has envisioned for me. We have walked many roads together and I believe that if we can make it through the ones we have come down we can make it through anything. You are the man I have always wished for to be the father of my children and you do an AMAZING job at it. I am blessed at how far God has taken us and I’m excited to see where He is continuing to lead us. I love you with all of my heart!!

Jayden – My two year old wild child that I fell completely and madly in love with the moment I first held you in my arms. Before you were born I thought I knew what maternal love was, but it was nothing like I expected. The joy you bring to my life can never be written in words. The amazing person you are becoming is astounding. Even when I feel like I’ve had it up to here or failed miserably as a mother, you do something that reminds me how worth it all really is. You make my days fun and keep me on my toes. I love you little man and can’t wait to see the man you become one day.

Little Bundle of Joy – I don’t have a name for you yet, but know I love you more than all the names in the world. You are such an amazing blessing from God! I cry when I think about the day I’ll finally get to meet you. You are going to be such a perfect addition to this family and bring so much light and joy to our day. We are so excited for your arrive little one, your mommy loves you very much.

Mom – I remember way back when you would tell me, “Lyryn, I love you but I just don’t like you right now.” Maybe that was because I was such a pistol and a pretty hormonal teenager at the time, but you and I know that those days are far behind us. Not only are you the most amazing mother, you are one of my closest and dearest friends. The biggest reason I WANT a daughter someday is because I want a relationship with her the way I do with you. I LOVE how I can be MYSELF with you and there is no judgment or condemnation. God choose the most wonderful mother for me and I’m so glad you are her! I love you mommy.

Daddy – You are a role model like no other. You have shown me how a husband should love his wife and a father should love their children. You have shown me what it’s like to have a father love me unconditionally which in turn makes it that much easier to understand how our heavenly Father can love us so much. Thank you for being such an amazing example, I love you daddy.

Brent and Tara – Your hearts are so big and love runs thick through your veins. Your generosity and desire for the Lord is empowering, I just love seeing how far you both have come. I know the plans He has for you are BIG! I’m so blessed to have a sister and brother like you in my life. I love you both!

Declan – What can I say; you were the one I couldn’t stand, the one I wanted to beat over and over again with a stick. But now… as I look back, I think it was only because we were so alike. I love having conversations with you and how you always want to get to the root of the issue and fix the problem. You are a great man of God and I love the man you have become. I’m even more excited to see the father you are about become, because I know you are going to be one of the VERY BEST! I love you little bro… you mean the world to me.

Katie – You, my sister-friend, are priceless. We might have had our good share of ups and downs in life, but we have always found ourselves holding tightly to one another not letting the other go. You have been a firm rock for me through so much, you have helped me walked through my darkest and most difficult times and still helped me to laugh along the way. You are the sister I always dreamed of having even at times when we don’t always see eye-to-eye, you are the friend that every girl needs in their life. Your love and friendship means more to me than you’ll even understand. I love you!

Johnna – You have grown up so much. The growth and maturity I’ve seen in you this past year has blown me away. I love your confident personality and your spunky sense of humor. I love how close we have become and hope we continue to grow closer! I love that you are my sister.

Susan – My beautiful friend, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years of being BFF’s. God knew I needed you right at that very moment. Many things have changed over the years, but what stays the same is how much I love and care about you and our friendship. Your gentle demeanor and still spirit knows just how to speak to my heart. You know what I’m normally thinking even before I say it and you can see a dance in your head the same way I can. You are so precious to me and I love what you have brought to my life. Best friends forever is such a true statement, I love you!

Kasey - I love how much you care about others. I love that you go out of your way to make people feel special and never expect anything in return. I love that I can tell you anything and it stays just between you and I. I love that our friendship has grown into something so deep and rich these past few years. I’m honored to be standing by you this July as you say “I do” to the love of your life. I love that you have become one of my closest and dearest friends.

Jane and Paul – Our family has walked through a lot this year and with every blow we have only become stronger and closer together. I believe that God has great purpose for this family and this year is going to really bring new light and healing. You have always treated me like a daughter and I’m so blessed by that! I love that you’re my in-laws and I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

Andrew and Rhiana – What great friends you are to us! Andrew, you have known my husband longer than anyone and have always stood by his side and tried to build him up and push him in the right direction. It is such a blessing to know that you are in his life and constantly speaking into it. Rhiana, you have become such a good friend and confidant. I always look forward to us getting together and hanging out and just being girls (with our kids). I love that both of you play such a huge part in our life and am thankful for our friendship!

Cara – My new friend and kindred spirit. You have spoken into my life in more ways than you possibly could know. You speak truth in such a gentle way and encourage me like only a true sister in the Lord can do. Your joy and positive attitude is outstanding and I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes us from here. You are such a good friend, and I love you so very much!

Trust me... there are so many more people on my list. I love you all and you all know who you are. Thank you so much for being such a significant part of my life. This Valentine’s Day I would encourage you to take a few moments and really think about the people you love and let them know how much you care about them. You never know who you are going to bless or how you will be blessed in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Abby said...

What a sweet idea! Happy Valentines Day<3

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

So sweet!!!

Hi, I'm Susan! said...

what a beautiful post lyryn! thank you so so much for these statements of love (especially mine). i love and appreciate our friendship so much. i can't wait to see how God continues to move in your life. the best is yet to come and i'll be right there with you. :)

Angie S said...

Sweet post :))

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Kasey said...

I love the way you think, I love the way you talk, I love the way you write, I love how you openly express yourself. It's refreshing.

You're breath taking and I'm so happy to have to in my life.

Love ya girl.

Brittany Ann said...

This is so beautiful! We all need to do this for those we love!

Happy V-Day!

Alicia said...

So true!! Valentine's Day should just be for couples. This was a very sweet post, Lyr!

Jessica said...

Very sweet! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Annie said...

This is SO sweet!! :) Love it.