Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am

My pulse races, and fear is in my heart.
Digging deep I try to let go of the hold,
but it has been far to long that this spirit has controlled me.
My brain pounding from the thoughts of doubt,
Begging to let go of my soul, so my mind would be free
I weep before my father and pray to release me from myself.

I’m sick from the thought of disappointing
My heart breaks that somehow I’ll lose.
My wordings are just mumblings that show I am battered and bruised.
My hands shake and tears roll down my face.
I scream as loud as I can, telling the spirit to go.
Falling to my knees, I am weak, tired, and broken.

I am being hit from all sides and all directions
They come so fast and there’s no way to shield myself.
One at a time they take a piece of me with them.
My strength, my joy, my passion, my heart.
Sitting in silence I hear a soft voice coming from my right,
I keep my eyes closed tight, making sure I hear every word.
Tears stream down my face as he gently tells me who I am…

I am the daughter of the most high God.
I am a princess in His courts, and i may dance there with no fear.
I am friends with a God that will never judge me.
I am the bride of a man that will never leave me.
I am a strong and radiant woman that my father speaks highly.
I am unique, because he gave me my own ideas and passion.
I am a good mother, for he has in trusted me with the future.
I am a good wife because I know he will bring us through.
I am loved

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Kristin Williams Balla said...

That is so beautiful. I love who you already are and I love who you are becoming. I am proud of you.