Saturday, April 19, 2008

One Day at a Time

I never through that living one day at a time would be so hard. For a woman, it’s hard just to say that tomorrow will take care of it self. We have a tendency to want to fix whatever is going on at the present time, so we won’t have to deal with it later. But… sometimes all it takes is tomorrow… or the next day…or even the next day.

Even though it’s hard for me; I know that taking one day at a time is the right thing to do, and I guess that’s were trusting God will be the only way I get through this a live. It’s funny that most people can go through their lives without acknowledging God, but when a trouble hit, who’s the first person they run too, or worse, blame? No matter what, your life will always have bumps in the road; but if your relationship with God is right during the good times, then it will only make you that much stronger during bad times.

You would think that a born again Christian of almost her whole life would know that, and I guess I did, deep in the back of my mind. It’s easy to say “oh, I’ll do my devotions tomorrow… I’m just too tired tonight,” or “I would much rather watch TV tonight then read the word.” Sure, when everything’s fine and dandy you don’t think about spending time with the Lord, (Or at least I’m guilty of it) you would much rather go on doing what your flesh wants to do. Then all of a sudden your life doesn’t go as planned and there you (I) are, down on your knees pleading with him and asking “Lord what have I done to deserve this?” Now if I was God, and it’s a good thing I’m not, I would be rolling on the floor laughing at the question. But thank goodness I’m not God, and that God is so much more merciful and forgiving then that. We will mess up so much in our lives, but still he loves us and wants the very best for us. If he can do that for us, then why can’t we give him a little time each day to spend with him? Why do we forget to thank him for the little things? Why do we always make him last priority?

So, as I attempt to take one day at a time, I will ask for the Lords help. Do I deserve it? I don’t really think so, but that’s why my God is so amazing. He knew that his children would do this; he knew that we would sin and we would be broken. But that’s why he sent his one and only son to DIE for us! Who, in their right mind would let their blameless son die for sinful and insignificant people like us? He did… and as I sit here with tears in my eyes, knowing Jesus did that for me, I ask myself why do I always put him last? My friends, my family, my son, and my husband will always fail me, but my Jesus will always be there. Jesus is the only one that can help me take one day at a time.

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Kate said...

I am guilty of the same....oh how we need his mercy....all of us!

love you