Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley

Sisters for life,
through thick or through thin.
We have a family legacy
that's hard not to picture you in.

Though there can be hard days
where you wish it's weren't so.
We'll always have each other
tough, that's how it always goes!

I loved you the moment I saw you;
I knew you were the one.
The sister I always dreamed of,
my life had now begun.

You are beautiful,
funny, precious and dear;
Talented and loving...
hot headed, that's clear!

Watching you with Jayden
makes my heart leap
You're such a good Aunt,
you're love for him is deep

God knew what he was doing
when he brought you to us,
Even though at time
it's hard for me to discuss.

So as your older sister,
I want to bless you today
You are a joy to me little sister,
have a wonderful and blessed birthday!


Kate said...

Whoa girl! I'm impressed with you. Those were very nice words.

Kristin Williams Balla said...