Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Monday already! Well, it's time to confess all the things we didn't do, and stop by MckMama's blog and see everyone else too! Here we go!!!

I did not pick the scab off my back where the doctor removed a mole last Monday. My back did not itch like crazy and each time I scratched, it didn't life a little part of the scab to make we want to pull it off. That is so gross!!!! I'm nothing like my mother and would never entertain such a horrible habit as to picking scabs of my body!

I did not spend like, 4 hours Friday on Facebook taking quizzes on people I hardly knew just because I wanted too. That would be such a waste of time and just make me look like an idiot! Oh no, not me.

I didn't storm out of Pet Smart and walk to AC Moore's leaving Jesse behind wondering what just happened. What kind of wife would do that?!? I didn't have a crapy attitude and drive off so he would have no other choice but to walk to the theater himself. I didn't cry in my car for 10 minutes until he arrived, because I was having major triggers from stupid past events. I would never make us late for a movie because I was hungry... and I would never pick a bad movie to see with my hubby on a date! I'm the world’s best judge in MOVIES!!!

After reading a friend’s blog post on allergic reactions her daughter had, I have not been nervous about what Jayden puts in his mouth at all. No, not me... I'm a completely laid back kind of mom! I also didn't get a little freaked out when I saw a rash appear on his back Saturday night and quickly scroll to that blog post in my head. I am a completely rational person and would never conclude the worst scenario. Never!

My afternoon job hasn't stressed me out at all. I mean, while the boss is away the kiddies will play, right?!?! Nothing has gone wrong at all... everything has run smoothly! (I WISH) I haven't spent $250 on gas driving back and forth to our work mail box and I have not been getting stuck in bypass 30 traffic each day. I'm not excited about Bryan coming back from Germany and getting things back to normal. Not me, because I have everything under control!! ;)

I didn't tell myself I was going to try this new church on Sunday and then not go because I'm too scared to go by myself. Then tell myself I was going to go to church at night and then later convenience myself not to go because I was too tired. That would just be so ungodly of me.

I didn't lie in my bed praying that God will put Jayden back to sleep so I could sleep a little longer.

I wasn't complete bored this weekend and realize I LITERALLY have no friends to spend my time with. I don't need more mommy friends... I don't need more girly friends... I defiantly don't need more couple friends!!! Who needs friends, right?


SassyTimes said...

I sense a little sarcasm here? ;)

Neat idea...I'll check out that blog!

Keshet said...

I'm glad Kylie's trip to the ER hasn't made you crazy about allergies. :) Seriously though, just keep a bottle of children's benadryl around and you'll sleep better at night knowing it's there just in case.

Mrs. W said...

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog and the book recommendation! My husband and I were actually given that book a few months ago by a friend of ours and we have been taking turns reading it. Its been great so far!

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyryn,
My name is Jenn and I got you link from Lori. She told me to check out your pics online. They are great! How much would you charge for a wedding? My email is Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks!