Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Blog Friendship Is So Much More

Since I'm on vacation this week and really didn't want to have to think much, my good friend Cara said that she would be more than happy to be a guest blogger for today.  How nice, right?!  I thought it would be appropriate since the way we met was through the blog world.... 

I'll let her tell you the story.

Do you ever read some blogs and think,
"Man I so wish I knew this person in real life?
I just know we would be like BBFF"
(you know Best Blog Friends Forever)
No? Just me?
The blog world is funny like that you know?
You read and read and read
and feel like you really know the person who's blog you are reading.
And then as you read, you start to get immersed in their life.
Like when you read about their kids...and what they wore today...and what they ate or what they cooked today...and their friends...and their family...and then it starts getting when they write about their husband...and how God redeemed their marriage after an affair.
You start to feel like you really know them.
Like really know them.
They share their raw self, are completely honest about their flaws,
and it makes you realize, nobody is perfect...
it makes you love the other person and their writing even more for their honesty.
When I started blog reading a little over 2 years ago,
one of the first blogs I added to my reader was Breaking Through.
I read it daily and I even remember at one point reading it out loud to Kenny.
Specifically post like this, and this, and this (I could go on and on with favorite posts of mine...if you are a new follower to Breaking Through, I encourage you to go back and read some of Lyryn's posts from years past...they are all truly amazing!).
The words hit me to the core...that someone could be so genuine and put it all out there for all of the world to read...and learn from.
Reading Breaking Through was like therapy for my soul.
I loved how each post was a lesson,
and as I read, I felt like I was learning the same lessons that Lyryn was learning as she wrote.
She ended almost every single post with an open ended question not just to her readers,
but to herself.
And I loved that about her and her writing style.
As I read more and more, I started noticing different places she would write about.
Pictures that looked insanely familiar.
Landmarks that seemed too coincidental.
This is when the "stalking" began.
I began fervently clicking around on her blog, trying to tie bits and pieces together.
I was determined to find out where she lived because I was convinced that she lived near me. How lucky am I, I thought??!
Finally, I mustered up enough courage to send her a friend request on facebook.
Remember I was new to this whole blogger thing.
Looking back I am like Duh, why didn't I just email her? Anyway, so I reached out to her in the most "non-stalker" way I possibly could.
Her response was nothing but genuine and I knew from that moment that I had found a new friend that I would connect with on so many levels. Here was her facebook response to my message:

Hi Cara!

Nice to meet you, I love meeting new people! Well isn’t God just amazing?! He puts people in our path in such silly ways! A blog?!:)

No… I don’t get that a lot, but I do get comments from amazing people like you here and there; which totally encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing! It just goes to show I’m headed on the right path… right?!

My theory on my blog is that I want people to know and understand that no ones life is PERFECT and it’s ok to struggle!!!! Hey… look at my life!!!!! ;) My heart is to help others who have been through hard times and show them that God is totally faithful in everyway. Marriage, family life, work, everything in life will never works out the way we always want it too… and for the people who read my blog, I want them to feel like they aren’t alone in thinking this world sometimes doesn’t seem fair. Ya know?! The truth!

I’m glad that my words touched your heart and I hope they have planted something in you. Thanks for coming out and letting me know, because it truly blessed me! Do you have a blog?! I would love to start following you.

Again… I’m glad you found me and hope I have encouraged you through my blog! Ha… stalker-like, I don’t think so. You totally have the spirit of an encourager… not a stalker!!! :) Hope to talk to you soon!!


From there, the emails began and they never stopped.
We connected pretty much instantly and I felt this comfort in our friendship that I had never felt before with any of my friends.
For the first time, I had a friendship with someone where I felt we were truly "there" for each other...
I needed her just as much as she needed me and I felt an overwhelming sense of security when I was with Lyryn.
I felt like I understood Lyryn and she understood me!
And in a weird way, I felt like we each brought strengths and weaknesses to our friendship.
Where I was strong, she was weak...and where I was weak, she was strong!
So for us, it is such a perfect match. We lift each other up and encourage each other.
We give each other the tough love...
and while sometimes it is not what we WANT to hear...we both have an understanding and is what we NEED to hear at times!
We allow each other to complain or vent...but then always help one another to grow!
Over the course of the last two years, we have laughed, cried, yelled, written, and prayed with each other.
FYI. this is totally not where I intended this post to go....but we will go with it because it feels right. And how could I NOT mention all of these things when writing about how I met Lyryn and what our friendship is like? Cause it is just that awesome (to me anyway)

See you just never know who you will find in the blog world!
And if you are as lucky as me, that person may just live 10 minutes away from you! I thank this little thing called the internet and blogger all the time because without it (and God), who knows if I would have ever met Lyryn.
Although I truly believe God would have found a way for me and my kindred spirit to meet....a little help from the ol' blogger doesn't hurt right?
I guess where I am going with this is I encourage everyone to connect with your bloggy friends!
Reach out to them if you feel moved by something they write, let them know you care...or offer up some advice or words of encouragement if they write something you can relate to or feel moved to do so. You just never know what can come out of those types of friendships!
And just as a little pitch for our fun swap...
if you don't know where to start or are having a hard time reaching out and connecting with other bloggers, a swap is the PERFECT way to start!
Get to know one another
because maybe just maybe...!!!



daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...


That is just so awesome of the friendship you have formed.

How awesome that y'all are neighbors?? That's wild!

Jamie said...

SO true! I've met one of my best friends through blogging!

S. Greiner said...

That's awesome!!! And yes I totally get the BBFF thing!!! Have a great day!

Tonja said...

All so true! Some of the best friends I have are through blogging.

Jessica said...

How cool that y'all live so close & had no idea before!

I feel the same way with a lot of bloggers-like I know them just from reading about their lives everyday. Plus the blogging world is such a great support system.

Trina said...

That's so cool! I wish Lyryn lived closer to me! I just know we'd be BBFF too :)

Tiffany said...

That is so awesome! You just never know how God is working!

Michelle said...

10 miles! You have to be kidding. Must be a God thing, he knew you two needed each other so he made a way. Great story!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a sweet, sweet post and there's so many out there in "blogland" that I would love to meet and I've been blessed to meet 3 already. Blessings!

Jami said...

What a great post! My bloggy friendships are my favorite part of blogging. It's something I never expected!

Hailey said...

That's so cool!! I can't believe yall live so close! This was great and so true. Friendships formed from blogs are unlike any other.

Ashlee Rae said...

Oh my true is that?!?!? :D

Took the words right out of my, well, head! :P Beacuse, of course, I so totally think that I am "stalker-ish" as well. Eek.

Such a great story of a beautiful friendship!!! God bless always!!!

Britt said...

YOu have an amazing blog. So inspiring :)

Raven said...

awww I love you two!!! I need to be in that pic with you guys. maybe one day??

Raven said...

awww I love you two!!! I need to be in that pic with you guys. maybe one day??

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